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Fee Brothers Rose Water

Fee Brothers Rose Water

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Fee Brothers Rose Water is delicately distilled from rose petals to lend a charming floral aroma to any application. In South Asia and the Middle East, it’s used to flavor sweets, ice creams and drinks with its distinctive character. Increasingly, it is used by bartenders in modern mixology to impart aromatics that can take a cocktail to the next level. A small dose goes a long way - use to compliment naturally occurring aromatics in gin or even a spritz! 

Fee Brothers, located in Rochester, NY, is a fourth-generation family-owned business that began as a small saloon/delicatessen back in 1863. Today, the product list includes almost 100 drink and cocktail mix products, shipped to distributors and establishments across six continents. 

Like all Fee Brothers bitters, these aromatic cocktail flavorings come packaged in a paper-wrapped glass bottle with a screw-top cap and dasher-style insert for easy, controlled dispensing of a dash to any glass.

Each 5 ounce bottle of bitters contains approximately 150 dashes.

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